Another Night At The Theatre

I grew up loving theatre. Plays. Musicals.

I may not be artistic by any stretch of the imagination, but I wish like heck I were.

It's very important to me to make sure Amara appreciates the arts. The significance of the arts is just not recognized enough in our schools. So I make it a point to take Amara to shows and exhibits whenever I can.

Last night I was lucky enough to take Amara to Playhouse Square. I hear it's the largest theatre district outside Broadway in the U.S. Yet so many Clevelanders don't take advantage of this gem.

Amara was excited. It was her second show at Playhouse Square in two weeks.

And from the time the curtain rose for "Corbian - A Glow in the Dark Adventure," Amara was hooked. The show is a part of the first International Children's Festival. Think light show meets the philosophical made for the Dora set. The show centers around Darwin, a dinosaur, who learns about love and hate. It is truly a wonderful story and the choreography even left me in awe.

The beauty of the Children's Festival is that it really is tailored to the younger set. The main actor of Corbian brought his costume out to talk to the kids after the show.

Amara had so much fun, it wiped her out!

We enjoyed ourselves so much that I am thinking of taking Amara to the Festival again on Saturday. Not only do they have other performances, but they are offering workshops that are FREE!

So why am I telling you? Because even if you're not in Northeast Ohio, maybe this will remind you to seek out some theatre programs in your area.

And for those in my area: Cleveland Moms, if you're going to be downtown this weekend, let me know. Maybe we can meet up!


  1. Sounds like you too had fun. I work in the building right next door and I actually have not had an oppurtunity to see any shows since I started working here three years ago. I should get to it.

  2. What a fantastic program! I bet they have something for the summer too.

  3. How fun!! We took the boys to a Dr. Seuss Dayton Philharmonic last week. Let's just say, the boys are probably a little too young still. But I also feel it to be super important to get kids exposed early and often to the Arts!!

  4. "I hear it's the largest theatre district outside Broadway in the U.S."

    For real? Larger than the Kennedy Center?


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