what irritates me at church

Your kid annoys me. There I said it.

Yesterday was the umpteenth time my family has endured listening to your toddler scream, pout, and cry during church service.

See, I cannot move seats because the sanctuary is tiny and no matter where I am, I hear your child.

While the priest is giving his homily, all I hear is the shaking of a Tylenol bottle. Apparently you again forgot to pack quiet toys: crayons, coloring books, stuffed animals.

I missed a blessing being given because your daughter decided to kick her heels into the wooden pews repeatedly.

And your loud "Shhhhhhh!" doesn't help matters much.

I've been there. Amara was far from perfect as a toddler.

I came prepared. I'd take batteries out of her toys and pack snacks.

I would take her out of the sanctuary. We would stand in the back of the church, so we would not disturb other worshipers.

You, my fellow mom, have decided to ignore your child in hopes that the people around you would do the same. You are oblivious to the stares, eye rolls, and comments afterward too.

You, my fellow mom, are what irritates me at church.


  1. Amen!! I don't know how many times I have been unable to pay attention to a sermon or prayer because someone's kid is screaming. It seems like they never leave with them until they've reached a fever pitch, either.

    The worst was at a service when my son was singing. I couldn't even hear them because a toddler was screaming over them. Seriously?! So frustrating.

  2. I hear ya. Even at the slightest disturbance I take my kids out. Some people just are oblivious.


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