Mom2Amara who?

My poor, sweet neglected blog. How I've missed thee.

And I've missed the companionship of my fellow bloggers as well.

I've been busy. Lackadaisical. Uninspired.

But I typed in the address to the blog yesterday and frowned. It was like disappointing my best friend. I was kicked in the stomach. I needed to foster the relationship.

So who's Mom2Amara? And where has she been?

  1. I got a new job. I'm out of television news. It was a difficult decision. And it was a crazy transition. But I finally think I'm doing what I was meant to do.

  2. And a new job has given me time to do more Mom2Amara things. Like taking her to swim class.

  3. I cried during Toy Story 3. Twice.

  4. I have a patio. And while you don't see it in this picture, I finally have a lawn in the backyard too!

  5. The basement in House2Amara flooded. We lost a lot of our belongings, including some of the first pictures Amara drew. Let this be a lesson to everyone: frame or properly store your kids' keepsakes!

  6. But now we're in the process of finishing said basement. And I get to unleash my inner interior designer! I like this and this and this. Notice the theme?

  7. I've learned this summer that I enjoy a vanilla twist soft serve ice cream cone much more than a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

  8. Two people I know lost their Moms to illness. It opened up an entire can of grief that seemed to be hiding in the back of my heart's pantry.

  9. We've hit a baseball game or twice.

  10. I baby swapped with Aunt2Amara for a weekend. It made me realize how much I miss having a little one in the house.

  11. I find myself on Twitter more than Facebook. Documenting thoughts in 140 characters is more enjoyable than ducking from sheep being thrown at my FB profile.

  12. We have yet to take a summer vacation. New job means no time off. Flooded basement means we're broke. If I'm lucky, we'll make it to the beach before school starts.

  13. I've missed all of you!
I'm hoping to catch up with all of you soon too! See you in the blogosphere!


  1. Congratulations on the new job...sounds like it was a good decision for you. Bummer about the basement but sounds like you're getting a dream room. Thanks for the update. I'd been thinking of you too. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  2. Welcome back Mo and congrats on the new job. Change is always a good thing. Take care and I’ll be checking in.

  3. welcome back! We missed you! Amara is so big now and I just love the new backyard. I bet it makes coffee in the morning that much better! Love you!

  4. I've missed you too! And I love your list. Maybe I should do the same to jumpstart my blogging...xo


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