can my child be burned out?

Did I mention I have 37 days until we go on vacation? Not that I'm counting or anything.

I took a new job last spring that prohibited me from taking time off this summer. I went about my merry way.

Work. Home. Sleep. Work. Home. Sleep.

Sprinkle in my routine were bits of show choir camp, basketball games, and other activities meant to keep Amara busy.

Then autumn hit. And school began.

This morning, Amara lamented how great it would be if one morning at 7 o'clock (she was specific about the time), we could leave for Walt Disney World. We would leave that early so we could get to Florida with enough time that day to ride a lot of attractions. She would want to go on vacation in the next few weeks because she wants to miss school. Apparently they are learning some "hard subtraction" and she'd like to skip that all together.

That's when it occurred to me: I'm not the only one burned out.

Dad2Amara and I have been keeping this family getaway a secret from Amara so she would concentrate on her studies. No distractions. Just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

But she didn't get a vacation either. Just because she's in grade school doesn't mean she can't be exhausted and overwhelmed.

So I'm now rethinking my secret mentality. And hoping Amara can make it another five weeks until our flight leaves the runway.


  1. Yes kids get burned out, too. I picked up Princess Zaria's book bag yesterday and I almost fell. There were only two books in it but they were thick. They have spelling tests, social studies, math, MEAP testing, afterschool activities..... I'm just tired of talking about it. One day I will get her from school early and have a fun day. Have fun on your trip:)

  2. Every day I think Amara's bag is too heavy for her totally goes against what I hear pediatricians say is healthy for her spine! It's just nonstop now. I don't remember it being that way when we were growing up!


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