fighting before a wedding

An hour before a friend's wedding reception, I hollered at to Dad2Amara, demanding he hurry up and finish up whatever shenanigans he was up to.

He retorted with some snarky reply. Or a friendly wave (that consisted of one finger). Or both.

And that was that.

Fast forward about 45 minutes. I had decided to check Facebook and saw that the bride posted: Marrying my best friend today.

"Awwww, how sweet" I thought. Then I questioned, were Dad2Amara and I like *that* ten years ago too?!?

Seems like eons ago when the hubby and I met.

One Amara. Two houses. Three apartments. And countless number of jobs for both of us.

But we're still together. And both still in love.

And yes, he's still my best friend.

Just not my BFF who I go drinking with. Or shopping with. Or turn to when I'm having a fat day.

But I digress.

The wedding this past weekend really reminded me just how perfect Dad2Amara is for me. Just like my friend is simply perfect for his bride.

Did you know Dad2Amara and I fought on our wedding day? Ok maybe not fought, but argued. Ok maybe more than argued but it's kind of the dynamic of our relationship.

So it's not surprising I got a semi-obscene gesture before the reception this past weekend. I took no offense. It's who we are.

Dad2Amara, if I haven't said it in awhile, love you! Sorry if it took someone else's wedding to remind me to say it.


  1. What a beautiful photo! Marriage is about learning to get past that all that nonsense. That is what makes a marriage successful. Amara is proof of that success.


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