I love my nose

The physical feature I associate my Filipino heritage most with is my nose.


And Amara inherited it.

But I love my nose. And my olive skin. And thick black hair. It's what make me me.

And I've always tried to instill that same pride in Amara. I want her to appreciate what makes her unique.

So when I saw this video last night, I wanted to cry. I was proud another parent wanted to teach their child the same values I held.

The head writer of Sesame Street, wrote this song for his preschool-aged daughter. The writer is is Italian. His daughter is Ethiopian. The writer and his wife adopted the little girl when she was barely a toddler. But a few months ago, Dad noticed his daughter playing with her Barbies, envying their long, blonde hair.

It reminded me of how I came home one day as a child and proclaimed my name was "too Asian," and demanded I be called something more "normal."

So fast forward to now, as a parent. I called Amara to watch this video. I wanted her to know that it is o.k. to celebrate differences.

Obediently, Amara watched with me. She even bopped her head to the beat. And when I asked at the end if she had any questions, she replied she did.

I braced myself for the burning question my second grader must have had on race relations. And that's when she asked:
Can we watch the YouTube video where Katy Perry sings with Elmo?
Alrighty then.

I learned yesterday that I love that Muppet's hair. And I still love my nose.


  1. Yup. Filipino nose here too and so do my kids :) Great story.


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