the world is her stage

Amara's a performer. And no matter where we go, she finds a stage.

Amara and I recently went on a walk in a local park. And as we made it around the bend of one of its trails, Amara begins to sprint and yell, "Mom, look! There's a stage!" And sure enough, there it was with rows of seating nestled under the trees.

My daughter immediately jumps on stage and does her best Rachel Berry impression a la Glee.

I think it's cute. But she's 7. And I think that cute factor will wear off soon considering she doesn't sing on key and can't seem to dance to the beat to any song.

But she thinks she can.

Amara thinks she can do anything.

Don't get me wrong. I love Amara's confidence. I instilled that in her. But I don't want self-confidence to become arrogance. Amara's bright, but she doesn't need everyone to know it.

Yes, it's kinda my fault too. I'm the one egging Amara on, telling her to show off her talent. "Come on, Amara, sing that Ke$ha song!"

But I still want Amara to be humble. Gracious. Modest.

So right now, I'll take her performances.

My hope is Amara will know she she is special and wonderful and talented in her own ways yet recognizes that greatness exists in others too.