Who’s got the spirit?

Halloween’s just around the corner and while Amara’s going as a cheerleader (her pic is in this post), you know there’s never any hiding her spirit. (But we did want to hide some of her spirit here.)

Tomorrow my alma mater hits the gridiron and plays Dad2Amara’s hometown team. And Family2Amara will be in the stands.

I’ll be in my blue and gold, ready to sing my school’s song and cheering the football team on to victory.

Dad2Amara will probably sit quietly on the bleacher, hoping the Mustangs score. (They aren’t that good this year. Well, that and my team’s always better.)

But that’s the scenario all the time. Dad2Amara didn’t go to high school or college ball games. He wasn’t involved in extra-curricular activities. He wouldn’t know his school motto if you asked.

Me? I remember grabbing pizza after every home football game with my high school friends. Or going with college buds to Milwaukee to see the basketball team play a rival. If I were walking down the school hallway, the principal would recognize me…for better or for worse!

And that’s the experience I want Amara to have.

I think extra-curricular activities are an integral part of any childhood. Supporting a team elicits a sense of community. Singing in a choir or performing in theatre boosts self-confidence. Hanging with friends at the mall builds trust and encourages relationship building.

Do I think Dad2Amara was a wallflower growing up? Absolutely!

And I know Amara’s the complete opposite.

But I also know that by fostering Amara’s type-A personality, I can enhance Amara’s love for her friends, her school, and her hometown. And then I’ll really know if she’s got the spirit.


  1. oh have fun! Tell Family2Amara I said hello! Tell Amara that she should do and experience as much as possible. I always feel i missed out a bit because I chose (or maybe my dad did) to work instead of play sports. I might be short but I really did want to pay some Volleyball and damn straight I would have had some fun! Go Amara Go! Love, cousin Jaci


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