shop 'til you drop

I made it out alive. Barely.

Yet three days later, I'm hurting. Badly.

As soon as I tucked Amara into bed, I snuck out of the house and drove off to the nearest Toys R Us...only to find a packed parking lot.

Rather than fighting crowds there 40 minutes before open, I thought I would outsmart them all. And left TRU for Walmart. And I sat at Wally World and waited the the faithful for an hour and a half for the midnight specials.

And just as Cinderella heard the clock strike midnight, so did the shoppers -

I got nearly everything on my wish list. And then scurried off back to Toys R Us.

And I was again greeted by a packed parking lot. Drats.

All the deals I hoped for were still in stock. But scoring them meant standing in line for over an hour. My iPod kept me company. Glee songs and Disney music filled my head and kept me dancing in the aisles.

Oh but I wasn't done.

The mall was still open at 3 a.m. The mall. 3 a.m.

And everything was 20% off at the Disney Store. Of course there were still lines in the middle of the night. I mean, I wouldn't be the only crazy person up shopping, right?

And that's when it hit me. Literally.

I was sore. My body ached. And I realized I had been up since before 7 a.m. to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.

I was ready to drop. So wearily, I made my way to the Mom-mobile. Defeated.

This was the first year I did not partake in Black Friday sales. No 5 a.m. sales rush. No early bird specials.

And this is the first year where my Christmas shopping is not yet complete by December 1st.

So today, I'm going to take time to recuperate. And then, maybe tomorrow, you'll run into me in the stores again.


  1. You be crazy, lady! This is the first time that I'm not done with shopping by December 1, too. But I'm usually done before Thanskgiving so I can avoid the stores from Black Friday on. Hope you get your shopping mojo back soon!


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