The holidays naturally make a person reflective. But Thanksgiving? C'mon. You can't help but just feel grateful.

But today, I'm looking back at a wonderful, magic filled week.

Dad2Amara relented and finally took Amara and me on a quick getaway to Disney. We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort, reminiscent of upstate New York. Quiet. Fantastic pool. Loved the surf and turf burger at Turf Club and Grill.

And Amara loved it because it just ooozed equestrian.

It may not yet be time for turkey and stuffing, but we had our share of sugar cookies and hot cocoa at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I'll admit it: I cried watching Cinderella's castle being lit up. And Christmas!

Amara enjoyed milling around Hollywood Studios and interacting with the Citizens of Hollywood.

But Dad2Amara? He enjoyed his bier. And lots of it. Me? I liked my German band. And polkas.

I hit the dance floor like there was no other. Sadly, the band didn't play my favorite song!

We did a lot of shopping, eating, and walking. But most of all, we spent a lot of time together as a family.

I'm so thankful this holiday week for my family's love. For my husband's generosity. For the ability to go on vacation. For Walt Disney's vision for a lovely place for us to go.

I hope this holiday you all are blessed and filled with joy and love too!