do you really know me? let's vote on it

In the age of social media, some may say we bloggers, tweeters and Facebook devotees overshare.

We divulge details of our weekend jaunts, post pictures of our kids, and talk of our morning coffee.

But, it's all good.

I'll talk to anyone who will listen.

My life's truly an open book. I'll friend anyone. And when I'm your friend, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I have blogged about some embarrassing mom moments that I'm still pretty shocked I've documented. I've written about training for a half marathon and poured my heart out about my Mom's final days in hospice.

But this weekend, I saw something that surprised me. A couple had the online world decide whether or not they should have a child. After the couple's online vote: it's a baby, not abortion.

Let's ignore how you would want to weigh in on the debate. Let's look at it from another angle.

So I say you know me. But this provokes me to ask: do you really know me? I mean, do you know me well enough to dictate whether or not I should have a child?

Do you know me well enough to tell me what to eat for lunch?

I'll be the first to admit it. Social media can be an outright cry for attention.

But it can also be such a great community builder. Relationships are fostered. And writing skills are honed (tee hee).

And that's something you don't have to vote on.


  1. I did not realize that it has already been a year since your mom passed away. It took me a long time to stop missing my father but you will get there. You will get to a point where her memory no longer hurts and where it makes you happy and proud. Cancer is an evil beast and right now, we are in the fire of its ugly fiery and it can really make a person helpless. My brother is struggling and when all is said and done, he will not be the person he was before cancer. Your mom’s memory is evident in you and Amara and your siblings (I do not remember if you have siblings – :-( sorry). But her time came and she is in a better place.


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