will destruct in 5...4...3...

The new year began with a bang. Just not the kind I'd like.

Last week, the mom-mobile was involved in an accident. I'll spare you the details but BAM. Life's taken a different road. No pun intended.

My goals for the new year are a bit fuzzy because I don't know how my recovery will affect my lists.

But then I realize, if it weren't for the accident, it would have been something else. I mean, this is the time when everyone's motivation starts to wane, right? New Year's resolutions are no longer in full force. I mean, my gym is not at complete capacity...it's clearing out faster than a Cavs game at halftime.

Even Amara said to me she didn't want to see the Monster Truck Jam that was coming to town because it was too "destructive."

So I must keep at it. Injured or not. Destructive or not. It's just yet another obstacle that life tosses at us. Excuses, right?

I may feel like a time bomb ready to explode. But give me a pillow. We can use it to soften the blow.


  1. Oh my gosh. Hope you're ok. Maybe you can gently ease back into things. Don't let this veer you off course.


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