dressing the stars (or the men and women who walk amongst them)

When I was little, I always knew I would have a career in television. Yes, there a fleeting moment in high school where I thought I wanted to go into law. But that last for a semester or two. I was drawn to TV. I was mesmerized by its lights. The allure was just too strong to ignore.

So I always wonder what will beckon Amara.

Dad2Amara and I have nicknamed Amara the animal whisperer because she tends to all injured animals and seems to calm even the most hyper pets. So will she become a veterinarian?

But Amara swears she will be a fashion designer. Difficult industry to break into. But she is determined.

So I had to chuckle when an astronaut from Northeast Ohio spoke at a local nature center. At the end of the presentation, the astronaut graciously took questions from the audience. Immediately, Amara's hand shot up into the air. And of course, the astronaut took her question.

The astronaut answers her question as best as he can. And then he finishes his reply by asking my daughter a question of his own: "So, do you want to be an astronaut when you grow up?"

And with a look of disdain, Amara retorts, "no," and explains, "I will be designing the clothes you wear!"

So later that night, as I watched Amara complete one of her first science reports ever, I was proud.

She did such a great job on this project. So she could be an astronaut if she wanted! She can be a vet or a fashion designer. She can be whatever she wants. And I hope that's a lesson she'll always remember.


  1. i love it! I also have some hook up's in the fashion world! LA or NY here comes Amara!


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