breaking up is hard to do

I thought this day would never come.

But he looked me straight in the eye and said we needed to talk. The tone in his voice had a sense of seriousness that I had never previously heard.

I was in shock. He said it was him, not me. We had seen so much growth. And there would be others who would want me. But I wanted nothing to do with this conversation. I said no. But it was true.

My trainer was breaking up with me.

Oh yes. You look at this poor, little neglected blog that I promised months ago to tend, and I have yet again left it to rot. But I've had good reason.

Remember when I said I would drop points on the BMI scale? I've already dropped 3.1 points. That's 19 pounds for those of you keeping count. Over 10 inches overall. Three dress sizes. I'm pretty happy with myself. But I know I have a long road to go. My trainer [sniff] and dietitian say I'm obsessed. Whatever it is, my attention has gone towards that. Poor lil'
I've hit several other things on my New Year's to-do list. And one day, I'll brag blog about it.

So back to my trainer. Yes, you didn't think there wouldn't be a happy ending, now did you? After all, I am a Disney Moms Panelist. And we all have our happily ever after's!

My trainer received a promotion. Great news. Fantastic guy. Well deserving. But I didn't want to lose him. So in all good relationships comes compromise. And that's what we did. I gave up a few things (like watching the first 10 minutes of Glee live) and he agreed to stay late certain days so we could stay together.

See, true love always works its magic.


  1. Oh, I would be heartbroken if I lost my trainer! Glad you were able to compromise!

  2. whew...thought I was going to have to come to CLE and be your trainer! Glad that you are staying together!!

  3. You must post pictures. Great job!!


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