my phone's smarter than yours

I got my first smartphone years ago. Although I don't think it was that smart. Or maybe it was user error.

I barely could access the churned at dial-up speed. The camera on the phone took horrible photos. And the phone weighed a gazillion pounds.

But man, I was proud to have it.

Because at the time, I was one of the rare few on this little known site called Facebook.

Now it seems everyone's got a smartphone. I have two. (Pipe down back there, one's for work.)

I've been known to ignore mishear Amara once or twice because I've been engrossed with the ongoings taking place on my beloved phone. A lot of drama can happen on Twitter that you forget what is going on on the playground.

That's when the smartphone becomes a dumbphone.

But the smartphone can be such a great tool. So much so that I've upgraded phones three times to my handy dandy Droid now. I. Could. Not. Live. Without my phone.

I recently read one third of moms use their smartphones to gain access to health information.

Hello? Of course we do. Who hasn't sat in their doctor's exam room and Googled a diagnosis the minute the physician closed the door? I want to know what prescription I'm driving to the pharmacy. And I want to know what kind of day I'm up against with whatever-it-is-thingamgig-diagnosis I've been given.

But that also means we're using our phones for so much more.

I use Twitter not only to stay up-to-date with current events and breaking news. But I use it to keep in contact with the many communities and friends I have made. CLE peeps, mom bloggers, Disney enthusiasts. Without Twitter and the instant access my phone allows, I wouldn't be able to feel so connected to so many fabulous people.

My phone also makes me an educated shopper. I utilize the QR code reader to do price comparisons. I also read product reviews while in store before making purchases.

While Amara's on her DS, what's wrong with Mom2Amara multitasking? The smartphone is phenomenal.

I feel so empowered with my smartphone. I am Mom. Hear me roar!