What's Not To Like?

I was at the Happiest Place on Earth, having a good ol' time.

I was grinning from Mouse ear to Mouse ear. Mixing and mingling. Making small talk with people from around the globe. And that's when it happened.

Why does this always happen?

We will call her Blogger A, because the Scarlet Letter she shall have.
Blogger A: So where are you from?
Me: Cleveland.
Blogger A (responds with the most disheartened look): I'm so sorry.
Me: Why? I love Cleveland. It's my home.
Blogger A: It's so grey and depressed. And you know what it's known for?
Me: A number one team in the MLB?
Blogger A: No.
Me: First class health care? A world renowned orchestra? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Home to an Iron Chef?
Blogger A: No. A River that burns.
I felt my temper rise like the Florida temperature in the dead of summer.

The mistake by the Lake. Really?

This kind, gentle woman (oh yes, that's what I'll say because the choice words I wanted to call her at that moment have since...passed) has never stepped foot in Northeast Ohio.

She's never dined on East Fourth Street. She's never felt the electricity in the Q. She's never walked along Huntington Beach and then enjoyed BayArts.

She made ignorant opinions of my hometown based on who-knows-what.

And I was angry.

She didn't want to hear why I love Cleveland. I tried explain why my husband and I chose to stay in Cleveland despite job offers in Atlanta and Chicago. I bragged about University Circle and its museums.

Yes, Clevelanders are their own worst enemies. But we don't need outsiders bringing us down too.

Blogger A was brazen. She was rude.

So before you go knockin' my hometown. Come visit first. Or at least do me a favor. Just keep your mouth shut.


  1. I'm blown away by the rudeness. Some people are just so consumed with themselves. To make such comments about a place she's never even been - that is just wrong.

  2. Bravo! So well said. I've run into this more times than I care to count. People make rash decisions based solely on what they hear in the news. And, sadly, despite the occasional positive press we may receive- their minds were made up long ago. I can't imagine forming an impression of LA based solely on the riots. However, many people seem comfortable basing their opinion of Cleveland on a burning river 40 years ago. Our city constantly evolves, it's just too bad some people don't!

  3. the beautiful parks by the lake! The West Side Market! Fun breweries! Wonderful people! Some people have no clue. When I tell people that we lived in Cleveland I get the same response. They shut up when I say I'd move back.

  4. I get so irritated when people trash an entire city like that, no matter what city. It's such a shame that some people can be so close-minded. They just don't know what they are missing!


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