why this Mom doesn't like Mother's Day

I was never the Hallmark type.

Growing up, my family tossed aside greeting cards and went straight to the heart of the matter - the gift. It's just how we were.

The only holidays we truly celebrated - being the good abiding Catholics - were Christmas and Easter. But there was one other holiday that was sacred: Mother's Day.

My Grandmother was the soul of our family. She braved a new country so that her family could have a fresh start. In true matriarch fashion, my Grandma supported our family in every way possible. After her passing, I never saw my family the same way.

But we still were able to celebrate my Mom. Even though she was confronted with an aggressive cancer diagnosis, my Mom was still an extraordinary woman. But that ugly disease ultimately stole her from our family.

And now, over a year after Mom's passing, I find no reason to observe this holiday. Why celebrate?

Family2Amara is intimate. We're three members strong. And we demonstrate our love for each other in ways that surpass just this one holiday.

I don't need Mother's Day to remind me how much Amara loves me. And I don't need the day to remind me of the void my Grandmother and Mom's absence have left.

With as commercialized the holiday has become, I don't need overpriced flowers delivered or jewelry bought to be a constant reminder of the women missing in my life. I don't need an expensive brunch where I would likely sit silent, burdened.

This weekend, I will adore Amara's hand drawn portraits and second grade note. And I will be grateful for some quiet time with my in-laws at my home. But on Sunday, this is not Mother's Day.

This is what I simply call family.


  1. as always, that gives a lot to think about... thank you.


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