my dirty secret in the bedroom

I have a confession to make.

I don't sleep much at night. And when I'm longing for a little company, I reach over across the bed for some comfort. It's quick and dirty. Kinda ashamed to admit it.

But ahhhhh, yes, in the middle of the night, I'm grabbing my phone, checking Twitter and Facebook.

But take my week on vacation. For some reason, when I travel - for business or pleasure - I just can't sleep. The beds can be posh, the pillows plush, yet I'm wide eyed praying Mr. Sandman will visit. So again, I'll plug in and turn to social media.

When Dad2Amara and I first moved in together, I was adamant. No television in the bedroom. The master bedroom is for one thing - sleep. Well, okay, two things. But you get the idea.

But as our careers have blossomed, Twitter counts have climbed, and Amara has grown, our evening routine includes a goodnight smooch and then plugging into our laptops or phones for one last check of emails and blogs. Or I'm up late working. (But, still no TV!)

Sometimes I won't drift asleep until 2 a.m. That alarm buzzing a few hours later is literally a rude awakening.

I remember a time when sleeping was easy. In college, I slept through a final. When Amara was a newborn, I think I ran a stop sign because I swear I fell asleep at the wheel. Even at the height of training, I could easily sleep through the night.

But the last few weeks have proven to be difficult. Not sure why. Yes, I know I can unplug. But I don't think that's the cause of my insomnia.

The root of my problem? I'm not sure.

Maybe I need comfy new pj's. Or maybe some aromatherapy from Bath and Body Works. Or maybe a masseuse named Fabio to come in nightly. Oh la la.

Are you sleep deprived? Have you made friends with all of the sheep that they know you by name? Any tips you can share with me?


  1. Try Melatonin and/or Magnesium and if that fails Tylenol PM... but duh, smartypants... Leave the phone and laptop in the kitchen and keep the bedroom for those two more important things. Love ya!!

  2. Did you call me Smartypants? There's your first mistake!

  3. Okay, I live in South Lorain and there is nothing vanilla about it. :) BTW, this is my first time here and I have to say, your daughter is beautiful!


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