Prepare For Take-Off

They require your full attention. So now that I've taken to the skies several times this month, I can now practically recite their spiel. And as I fly into a new chapter of my life, I do so preparing for take-off.

One year ago, I made the professional jump out of television news.

Now, at the end of this month, that jump is now more of a catapult into what some has described to me as the unknown.

On the plane, the flight attendant instructs you to take the oxygen mask that automatically appears and place it firmly over your nose and mouth. And if you are traveling with a young child, you're supposed to secure your mask first.

Sounds counter intuitive when you're a Mom.

That's how I felt when I was first presented with this career opportunity.

I had a job I enjoyed. It provided well for my family. It was a position that formed to my silhouette nearly perfectly. The job was so well aligned with what I was doing in past positions, it was great. It was comfortable.

But a new opportunity found me. And it wants to lead me down a path I would truly call my passion. I will be able to re-discover the world and explore a side of my creativity I was previously unable to unleash. It's freedom to advance my writing - and my career - with the latest technologies.

So what was wrong?

I was petrified. I could fail. Then who would pay the bills? Take care of the family? How would I hide from the shame? Disappointment?

Where is the closest emergency exit on this plane?

So I was going to pass on it. I was going to say no. I needed to think of Amara first. Mom2Amara should be in a stable routine. My daughter should rest assured her Justice outfits would always come in plenty.

Then the oxygen mask fell from the overhead compartment.

I needed to take care of *me* first.

Just as I don't deny myself Girls Night Out or my sessions with the personal trainer, I should recognize my career development is just as important, right?

So fasten your seat belt folks. Because I know I'm now in for the ride of my life. I close on this chapter this week and start the new itinerary when we return from vacation.

Crew, prepare for take-off.


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