do you know your A, B, C's?

I always kid I don't know my left from my right. And I need an abacus to do simple math.

So I was surprised to be included in the Community Media Lab, a partnership between The Morning Journal and local bloggers. They offer access to their newsroom, and I get to write about topics in my neighborhood that interest me.

So how would I go about blogging beyond Glee, Disney, and the other ramblings that stream from my consciousness at 3 in the morning?

That's when I read about an experiment one mom was conducting called "ABC's of Summer."

Well since I'm lazy beginning late in the season, "summer" may no longer apply. So I'll be doing an alphabet of Lorain County - my own LoCo ABC's.

I'm going alphabetically through our county, looking for fun family activities. And it should be challenging once I start moving down the alphabet. I mean what the heck will I do for "X" in this county?

Starting at the beginning was easy, because we looked in our backyard.

The Avon Parks and Rec Department has playgrounds at all three of its parks. And even at her age, Amara can spend an entire afternoon there while I tweet and blog from a nearby bench.

We spent no money and literally drove half a mile for non-stop fun. What surprised me was the lack of people taking advantage of this public park. It was a mild summer afternoon, yet we were one of three families there. Made me question why we didn't picnic there more often. Hard to believe we're not there every weekend.

So moral of the story: get out there and enjoy your city parks. I know you have them. Because Family2Amara will be using ours more now too.


  1. We have great parks here too. Great reminder to get out there. I definitely don't take advantage of them enough.

  2. North Ridgeville has a fantastic park and I know we don't go nearly enough. I gotta get on that. Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. I think what it comes down to is reminding ourselves we don't need to spend a fortune to keep the kids happy for a few hours! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


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