I became *that* mom

It's not yet August, and I have already become *that* mom.

Go ahead and hate me.

The big red box started their back-to-school promotions immediately after the Fourth of July. The fireworks hadn't yet cooled and backpacks and notebooks were filling the aisles.

I scoffed.

But here it is, July 26th. And yes, I can scratch back-t0-school shopping off my summer list. Amara can head to third grade with all of her supplies on the first day of school. No last minute rush to the store the night before. No mad dash to the registers, trying to fight off other crazed moms. I. Am. Done.

As I looked at the calendar a few days ago, I saw trips, activities, appointments, and obligations. Whirlwind. I began to panic. How would I get to compare prices? Wait for sales? Anything?!?!

In this troubled economy, Family2Amara pinches pennies. We all do. But school supplies are a necessity. Amara wears down her crayons. Her lunchbox takes a daily beating. She needs clothes too. Amara grows like a weed. I'm not sure where she gets her long legs.

So during a recent visit to the local outlets, we let Amara shop to her heart's content. Me? I wore a Catholic school uniform for nine years. But oye. Amara's fashion sense has changed so drastically in the last 12 months. Last year, we were buying pink frilly accessories, plaid skirts, and cardigans with bows and ribbons. This year, there are now sequined belts, skinny jeans, and lace camisoles.

Then we hit the school supply list given to us by our district. Thank goodness we are not yet buying graphing calculators (remember TI-80's?) or other electronics. But dang, when did supplies get so expensive? Even with penny sales and 99-cent markers, things add up. Plus, it doesn't help Amara wants to own every folder and pencil manufactured with the Glee logo.

But you know what? Doesn't matter to me. Because for the first time, I could score an "A" because school shopping for the year is history.

And now the countdown begins. T-minus 30 days.

Next thing you know, I will be Christmas shopping in September. Hmmmm...


  1. You go girl! I've been buying supplies here and there but hope to cross it off my to do list soon. Clothes shopping is another story...

  2. Way to go, Monina! Now on to Christmas shopping ... tee hee. ;)


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