why procrastinating is good for you

Procrastination gets such a bad rap.

I don't know why though. In high school, I actually competed for the title of state speech and debate champ on the merits of procrastination.

Shocker, I know. (The procrastination part, not the arguing part. We all know I can talk for my life.)

I wrote my oration the night before Round One of the tournament.

Guess old habits are hard to break. Because procrastination can still be my middle name.

It's the second week of July. Summer's flying by. Yet I feel like Family2Amara has crossed off not one thing on our ever growing to-do list.

And I'm sitting here typing away when I should be cleaning the kitchen. Working out. Hitting the summer reading list.

But I like that I procrastinate.

I get distracted. Easily. Oooh, look, shiny objects in the distance!

That's why talking in 140 characters is so ideal for me. Same with texts and instant messages. Quick and to the point.

And while some say I spend way too much time on Twitter and Facebook, I love that I still have proof...in the end...of a somewhat productive day.

And when that deadline - be it writing for work or packing for vacation or signing a field trip permission slip - is staring me in the face, I know it will get done because there's no way out of it when you have only a matter of minutes.

Call it motivation.

I mean, it's only 80 days until the Wine and Dine half marathon. I've got time to train, right? You betcha. And I'll get there in due time.

Some days, I wish I could get everything done in a timely fashion. I think life might be a little less stressful that way.

But when push comes to shove, something's gotta give. And there's no room for failure. So procrastinating is my push.

Do you procrastinate? Or are you one of those people I despise envy? Would love to hear from you, even if you have to wait a day or two to let me know.


  1. Looming deadlines = motivation.

  2. Nothing beats a deadline for motivation!! Start training soon so you don't get hurt, ok? I like to plan ahead but when it comes to some things, like work, a looming deadline makes me efficient!!

  3. I'm training, I promise LOL. Just moving slooooowly. But I'm glad to see I'm not alone with looming deadlines!


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