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I said I'd try to get on that healthful eating wagon again. I'd try to lose the last 20 pounds by year's end.

And like the singer constantly trying, I said I'd try again to train for a half marathon.

The countdown is a bit daunting. 55 days until the Wine and Dine. And I am so not ready.

I don't need motivation. I already forked over $150 to register. Let's be honest. That's enough to keep me going.

And I was crazy enough to sign up so there's determination.

But I don't think I have the stamina to do this again.

This isn't negative thinking. I completely believe in mind over matter.

If there was one thing I did last week, I definitely got in my miles. And with training this time around, I can't say I've been that diligent. So last week was milestone. But the 10k mark was hard. It reminded me of Mile 11 of my first half. I crossed the mile marker, and all I wanted to do was sit on the Sonoma blacktop. Sit. Not walk. Not crawl.Just stop.

Travel and vacationing are no excuse for lack of exercise. I find I can actually workout more when I am out of town. No scheduled meetings (well unless I'm on a business trip but even then they are typically far fewer than normal). No family commitment. No dirty bathrooms to clean.

So I hit the pavement in San Diego. First I ran along the Harbor. Then I participated in the Blogher Together Counts 5K. And by the way, many women looked fabulous running in skirts, wearing earrings, glowing early in the morning. Me? Hot, sweaty mess. Story of my life. But I digress.

The next day I graduated to the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, and the Bay. Ocean breeze, no humidity, beautiful sunrises.

It. Was. Exhilarating.

But I couldn't enjoy it because I was highly annoyed. My chest didn't burn. My legs didn't ache. I was simply tired. Like Mile 11.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm not getting stronger. And I'm definitely not slimming down. I'm not wearing cute run skirts or arm bands because dimpled thighs would chafe and lackluster biceps would never squeeze into the bands. Maybe my rest days should outnumber my training ones. At least I'd be happy right?

I need a plan. And hopefully it won't end with me sitting Mile 11.


  1. Are you still strength training with your trainer? My (short) runs go much better when I strength train. And I only run 3x a week. My goal is 3 runs and 2-3 weight sessions a week.


  2. Katie, I've been going to him once a week. Sad. I haven't been as diligent and I know it's affecting my training. And I'm ravenous after a run and giving into to those cravings. I need to look up to you! You go girl! You're a machine!

  3. Have you tried Yoga? That helps with my training. The one thing that gets me through it- the feeling at the end!

  4. Sounds to me like what I went through last month: BURNOUT. Overtraining and underachieving. The training plan I'm using only requires *three* runs/week - and two of them are 30min long. This tactic is to reduce the risk of injury, of course, but there is definitely an element of burnout avoidance here. I started training WAY too far in advance - and did so against the advice of one of my trainers - and he was proven RIGHT. Overtraining is no good - not only will you increase your risk of injury bc your body isn't given sufficient recovery, but you run the very real risk of boredom and burnout. My advice: follow a training program that forces you to limit your runs, and vary your routines when you strength train: try TRX, spin, yoga, pilates, etc.
    Hang in there, Mo. And get a skirt. You'll be adorable in it!!

  5. Oh, Mo! I think Deborah might be right: burnout. Also do underestimate how taxing travel can be. Travel, BlogHer, that's a lot of excitement and your body might have just been tired.
    So shake off! Buy a running skirt (love them) or a new gadget and get out there! Are you following a training plan for your half? That always helps keep me on a schedule and ensures you are getting rest days and building endurance.
    If all else fails, call me and we'll run together. It would be fun :)

  6. This week I haven't run once. I don't think that's overtraining :( I hate to play the why-can-everyone-else-do-it-but-me card but I think every other woman can balance life and right now, I can't! I'm taking time to re-evaluate. But thanks for the support ladies!

  7. In my mind, burnout and over-training are different. I was mentally burnt out on running about a month ago. I couldn't make it through, I was unmotivated. Something clicked and I'm back on track. Hang in there.

    And don't even think for a minute my life is balanced. It's a juggle day in and day out! :)


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