Monday, August 15, 2011

last supper

Last week while in San Diego, before recommitting myself to any promises I made back in Ohio, I let a handsome fellow make a late night visit to my hotel room.

I indulged in a final hurrah.

I ordered room service, and he brought me the juiciest cheeseburger ever.

All I needed to do was swap out the bun for something gluten free, and fortunately, Udi's provided me with a loaf of bread at Blogher so I was in good shape.

Yes, I am begrudgingly back to eating as prescribed by my dietician. I am fortunate to have maintained my weight all summer. But I know this won't last. So my days of fruit and yogurt indulgences are over.

It was good while it lasted.

Many of you asked what was recommended for me. Now, remember this is what was created after a personal consultation as an individualized plan intended for me and my habits. It works for me, my body type, and my lifestyle. But it's pretty straight forward.

One serving of dairy

One serving of fruit

One serving of carbohydrates (15g or less)*

Three servings of vegetables

3oz of lean protein at every meal

Lots and lots of water

*I can have one extra serving of carbohydrates but I'm not sure if you notice but I like wine. A lot. So I can have an occasional glass with this trade off. Hence the "individualized" plan.

Do I knock off five pounds every week? Nope. Is it a miracle cure? Not at all.

But has it taught me the importance of having a balanced diet? Absolutely. I appreciate my strawberries and broccoli way more now.

Yet here's my problem. I don't cook. And after eight months on this weight loss journey, I'm bored. After all, you can only eat so many turkey meatballs for lunch.

So whether you're trying to lose weight or just have a great recipe to share, let me know.

I need your menu help - 20 pounds worth!


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