my how you've grown

I'm getting ready to board a plane headed for San Diego, and I'm a bit apprehensive.

It's not the whole idea of flying. I'm no travel pro but I've logged my share of miles the last 12 months.

It's not leaving Amara behind. She's a don't-let-the-door-hit-your-ass-on-the-way-out type of gal. She entered daycare at six weeks old and never looked back.

But today I'm headed to BlogHer 11. I'm not a conference newbie. But I'm feeling out of sorts.

I stare at my computer screen and try to grasp how drastically different my life now is.

At my first BlogHer, I had a rambunctious preschooler anxious to dress her American Girl doll. Now, I fight Amara for a moment on my iPad. Oh and her doctor mentioned "pre-pubescent" to us earlier this week.

I'm now starting a completely new chapter in my professional career. And it's scary. Challenging. Fantastic. And my boss hasn't changed the locks on me yet.

I met some incredible women four years ago like MJ Tam of Chicagonista fame. And Laurie inspires me daily. And fortunately, this social media thing people said was a phase allows me to stay connected with these amazing human beings. (By the way, happy birthday, Laurie!)

My family's gone through some heartache too, much more than I care to ever endure again.

Oh and did I mention I used to blog nearly daily? This was my journal, an entry literally into the heart and soul of who I was. Grown to be. I kinda miss that. And I miss the people I've come to know through our writings.

Not long ago, I thought I knew it all. I wanted it all. My youth had me ready to take on the world. But my perspective changed when I became Mom2Amara. But why?

Just because I signed up for this parenting gig, it doesn't mean my priorities should change too, right? As Amara grows, I'm realizing her needs and wants are really like mine. Or maybe that's what I tell myself for validation.

So what will the next four years hold? Who knows.

But for the next four days, I'm hoping for sun and to make a new friend or two. It's a beautiful world out there. Take care of each other!


  1. Enjoy your trip, Mo! You are sort of outgoing and friendly, so I suspect you'll meet a few new friends in SD.
    Onward and upward!!!

  2. Sort of outgoing lol. Wish you ladies were joining us. And MJ, wish I could have made Midwest Moms!

  3. i can definitely relate to this post. Moms separation jitters. :) have a great trip!


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