popping good time

It's become an annual Family2Amara tradition. Our reasons for attending vary. But we all love it.

Northeast Ohio has some of the best festivals. Music. Art. Food. Name your pleasure, and I'm sure Cleveland has a festival to boot.

But in Lorain County, one of my all-time favorite festivals begins this week. In my alphabetical tour of the county, C is for corn. Lorain County corn. Local sweet corn.

Every region in the nation claims to have the best sweet corn. But you have not lived until you have tried corn from LoCo. Seriously.

Then try it as it is served at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival. It is soaked in butter for hours. De-lish. Dad2Amara is not the festival going type. But he does not miss this one. It's marked on our calendar.

Amara loves the variety of rides and games each year. Honestly, as a parent, I'm amazed when fairs include bounce houses and face painting and call it a day. That's disappointing. But the Corn Festival goes all out. I hate paying for carnie rides. But I don't mind at this one.

Me? I appreciate all of the community vendors that are invited to participate. Crafters, athletic teams, you name it, and they're there. And they're friendly.

So if you are looking for a delicious spot to hit this weekend, may I suggest North Ridgeville.

If you're looking for us, I'll be the one with two fisting it: sarsaparilla in one hand and an ear of corn in the other.


  1. Emily, join us! Seriously the best corn you'll ever eat!

  2. sounds awesome, maybe next year I'll road trip the kids out to the fair and we can hit the big huge amusement park the next day, or is that overkill?

  3. Colette, corn for a day, spend the night then Cedar Point the next day! Sounds like a great weekend!


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