where is home?

It took a friend reminding me a few days ago that I have been at my "new" job now nearly four months. Hard to believe because I felt out of sorts yet feel like I fell into place there.

And I really like their toilet paper. It is really soft.

My first morning in the office I literally sat down and realized, "wow, I'd use this at my house." My last place of employment used that industrial scratchy stuff. But there, even my rear was happy.

It's like home.

Lately, this concept of "home" has been coming up a lot for me. Does it exist in a place? A moment in time? A feeling that comes along with you like toilet paper? Should be an easy question to answer, right?

Cleveland's my home. Actually my home was a house on Lori Drive where I grew up less jaded and bitter. I can picture the rolling hills in the backyard, complete with a swing set. I remember Christmas mornings and family arguments. This was home.

And that new job? The building sits upon my old sledding hill. Talk about memories each time I drive into work.

But these days, I think my definition of home has morphed into something different - for better or worse. Home is where love is waiting for you at its doorstep. Its where your heart, soul and mind thrives. Its where you are comfortable. The city may change but the furniture stays the same. And it is still home. Its where you simply belong.

Amara has been blessed to have known two homes. Each has been unique for a reason. But again, they each have been just that...home.

Has your definition of home changed? Where is home for you?


  1. I absolutely agree!!!

    Home is where you walk in and your heart and mind relax knowing that you are loved and nothing that happened on the other side of door will ever change that.


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