anatomy of a dress

I'm not going to lie. It's been a rough month.

But through it all, I've had one thing to look forward to: Jump Back Ball.

I have wanted to attend this benefit for Cleveland's arts center for-ev-er. Literally. (And for my out of town friends, you should know, Playhouse Square is the largest performing arts center outside of New York. For reals.)

But purchasing tickets for this event brought more angst to my life than I could have imagined.

I needed to go dress shopping. And this stressed me out to no end.

Never have I gone to a benefit or dance in a black dress. Ironically, I reserve the iconic LBD for weddings.

But the only cocktail dresses I liked were black. So with the help of a dear friend, shopping we went. And I came home successful.

Or so I thought.

A dress really has to be fabulous in every aspect. The length of the dress has to work with its color, shape, embellishments. Oye, the dynamics I had to consider.

I stared at my fuchsia dress for two weeks. It swayed perfectly. It fit wonderfully. And then I returned it.

I had another dress. Totally hot. Platinum. Eye catching details all over. Figure hugging silhouette. And completely two inches too short for my cottage cheese thighs.

Dress three is perhaps the largest clothing purchase I have made in years. I am infatuated with the dress. But buyer's remorse kicked in. Bye bye dress three.

And that brings me to...drum roll please...dress number four. And that's my final answer.

I am in love with my dress. I don't think I've ever owned a dress like it.

I never would have bought spaghetti straps.

I never would have considered its color.

I never would wear that much bling.

And no, I'm not sharing what the dress looks like...not yet.

But here's a peek at how phenomenal dress three was. So use your imagination. Dress four will be all that much better.


  1. A perfect summary of the month of dress angst (which I'm still going through!)

    Ps. Dress #4 is the best. #Justsayin

  2. If dress #4 is the one you showed me on your phone, it is a winner :) I hope you have a wonderful magical night out. Take lots of pictures! If you need a simple black clutch, i have one you can borrow!

  3. Great dress--but I LOVED that sparkly one --I think dress #3---You look gorg! Happy you are happy!!!

  4. can't wait to party with you ladies on Saturday!

  5. The dress is SO AMAZE! You are going to be so HOT!

  6. You look hot in dress 3!! I'm pumped to see #4!! Can't wait to par-tay!! See you saturday!!

  7. Cute! Now I'm anxiously awaiting seeing what #4 looks like!

  8. I'm glad you went with dress #4. You looked hot!!!


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