why I'm worth $36 of glitter

Things aren't so simple anymore.

I'm a firm believer happiness is not something to be saved. You should live in the moment.

But recently my creative spark seems to have dimmed. I'm no longer writing. Running. Baking. All for which I am passionate, all that tantalizes my senses, I just can't seem to fully appreciate.

Breathing is a struggle.

Then I started to question a lot. It was all too much to bear.

We all have our vices. In the month of New Year's resolutions, I gained nine pounds. Can you guess my vice? Yes, it's my coping mechanism too. Among a few others.

So rather than drowning my sorrows in empty calories, I decided this weekend to douse them in glitter. Literally.

But who spends $36 on glitter?

This girl.

It's amazing how your perspective can change after walking into Sephora. And I've always said that a girl's best friend is eyeliner. I still stand by that.

So every day, I promise to face the world with a little sparkle.

I'm worth the $36 of glitter.

It's my reminder that a little glitter never hurt anyone. And that the world can be a better place with a little glam.


  1. um..........there's also something to say about really nice body lotion from Kiehl's too. It's amazing!

  2. Beauty products and hair color can fix (nearly) anything. at least for a little while!
    Glad you got a fix. Be warned, I will be bringing you on a run or to a spin class in the very near future (like maybe Sunday but we'll discuss!). We can sweat out some stress and then get all prettied up :-)

  3. Allison, going to have to look for that lotion!

    And MJ, amen to that! And I want to see you in CLE! And for that matter, I've been in Chicago so much the last few months. How have I not seen you??

  4. Oh Mo, it's MJ as in Molly not one of your glam CHI friends. Sorry to disappoint. I'm still going to make you spin or run with me soon. We'll discuss at Bunco on Sat :=)

  5. Ha! I love you anyways! And I want to go to spin! I heart spin class!


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