hot mess

She has always been my little diva.

And honestly she has more fashion sense than I do. She helped choose my dress for Jump Back Ball. And remember when she was designing outfits and stilettos?

I am not one to squash her creativity. I want her to express her individuality.

But this time, I think perhaps I should have stopped her. 

Note the undried hair. The floral jacket, striped shirt, and plaid skirt. Oh and of course I took the photo before she put on her brown Uggs.

Hot. Mess.

Amara's been doing this more and more. And by "this," I mean putting together outfits I wouldn't be caught dead in.

Yesterday she had on a camouflage t-shirt (with some bling of course) paired up with a pair of hot pink sweat pants.

Oh. Dear. Heaven.

Again, I feel like I should have said something.

It's no longer about her spirit or imagination or use of color. I'm more worried about her popularity in school. Yes, I said it. I don't want her to be in the wrong crowd. I don't want her to be a loser.

Before you start throwing your proverbial stones at me, allow me to explain.

She's eight. And before this year, Amara was in a wonderful school environment where the students were sheltered. This year, she's in a big girl school with lockers. And dress codes. And lockdown practices. The talk of all the third grade girls the first two weeks of school was about Kiley and how she decorated her locker with a chandelier and wore heels to class.

Amara can rock a pair of knee high black boots. Sure she's borrowed my glitter eyeliner once or twice. It sure makes her gorgeous brown eyes pop. But my girl still wears sweaters adorned with ponies.

No, I don't want her to grow up too fast. But I don't want to subject her to ridicule too early.

Kids can be so cruel. I know. I used to be one of them. The mean kid. Oh the things we used to do to our fellow classmates. We would make them cry. We would make our teachers cry. I am not proud of it.

That's what I don't want Amara to endure.

I feel like I should have chosen this battle to fight and made her change her clothes.

Yet, I let my daughter walk out of the house looking like that. And yes, I knew she looked insane. Yes, it bothered the begeebers out of me.

But she insisted she matched and looked fabulous. And Amara is pretty fabulous. So who am I to argue?

Guess I'll have to accept her on her messy days. Just like I have to accept that she's borrowing my makeup.

Update 8:30 am: Considering I initially left the house with virtually no accessories and two different shoes on, it's only fair I resurrect this.

Note the curled bangs. Plaid shirt. Suspenders. Gigantic glasses. Barrettes. 

Hot. Mess.


  1. The suspenders may be what pushes that outfit over the top. #justsayin

  2. I love this whole entire post. I would remember that if she is still dressing like this after a few weeks, the girl probably doesn't have any problem holding her own with anyone. teachers. classmates, etc.

  3. She's a girl with her own mind that's for sure. Not sure where she gets that from...


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