no pot of gold

It may never rain in Southern California, but it sure as heck does when I drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Never fails.

I have driven this route before, but never alone. And I have driven alone before, but never this far.

When the skies opened up that afternoon, I knew there would be little chance for me to continue my journey east. A torrential downpour had dozens of cars stopped along the turnpike and water flooding the roadway.

Oh and did I mentioned I despise driving in the rain? Despise. I'd take a blizzard over drizzle.

After 15 agonizing minutes (I swore off social media this trip so the delay felt like an eternity), I was finally able to see more than two feet in front of my car. So I began driving, and I ended up seeing more than just the cars up ahead.

The rainbow emerged from the stormy sky and had the most vibrant colors. And I appeared to be chasing it. These days, every week tends to be "trying" for me, so to be chasing a rainbow gave me hope of a good vacation.

But there was no leprechaun and no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet, I think I ended up with a bit of luck. 

I like to call it a pot of fudge. Maple Walnut. Chocolate. Chocolate Chip. Snickers. Pumpkin Pie (definitely not my favorite). Peanut Butter. Cookies n Cream. Because you really can live on fudge for an entire week. Who knew?

Know how else I got lucky? 

I spent every day here -

...and I spent those days sans a visor or fanny pack. Those really should be outlawed. Really people, just say no.

Oh, and no raindrops fell while on the beach. And you guessed it. I hit rain for part of my drive home on the turnpike.

But this time, I didn't stop, because I knew I was taking home memories of the shore. Yes, I got lucky.