the text that made me cry

A routine. That's all I wanted.

The first day of school arrived, and it was like Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to unwrap this present I call a "schedule." I like knowing where Amara and I need to be every minute of the day.

I need consistency. Few surprises. Easier to plan your life.

Workout. Toss Amara on the school bus. Go to work. Have dinner. Repeat. It was great for three weeks.

But then yesterday it all changed. I received a heartbreaking text message no parent wants to see.

Amara explained in great detail how she was left to sit alone on the bus ride to school. It occurred every day for a week, and she had had enough. She was lonely. She felt shunned by friends who purposely sat in other parts of the bus. In tears, Amara pleaded with me to drive her to school.

I've always said Amara's wise beyond her years. Laying out options and explaining the repercussions always work when reasoning with her. But this time was different. I couldn't tell my nine-year-old daughter that sometimes people suck and life's unfair. I couldn't expect her to understand that this was only the beginning of the cattiness girls often experience growing up.

I am not one to spoil my daughter. Nor do I give in to her every whim. But there was no way I was going to allow Amara to be bullied (because how she ended up rows apart from her friends, in my opinion, is bullying). So this morning, I drove her to school. And my precious routine was uprooted.

I know we'll find our groove again. This is a small bump in our schedule, and we'll easily adapt to it.

I just now await her next text. How is it the drama in school has begun already?


  1. OMG, this reminds me of when I started 6th grade in a new school.

    the girls came around!

  2. Ugh... sorry to hear that. I hope it's a short phase.

    PS: She is growing up beautifully...she looks just like her gorgeous momma!

  3. Jen you are too sweet. Thank you.

    I know this is just a part of growing up but it breaks my heart. And I'm at such a loss when it comes to comforting her because all I want to do is shake these girls silly.


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