what came out of the closet

Pulling grey hairs. Journaling. Running. There's something therapeutic about each of these things.

Same with purging your closets.

I thrive on control and order. And that transcends into the depths of my three closets. Each closet is used for a specific season (spring and fall share space). Yes, I wear the same outfits over and over. Why? Because I own way too many clothes. And that in turn means I can hardly find anything in my closets.

So I took time this past weekend to pare down my wardrobe. Did I really need sparkly silver wedges? Would I ever wear the sweaters that barely covered my navel? And after my weight loss, I had clothes that were two to three sizes too big.

I spared no mercy on my clothes. I came out of it with enough stuff to clothe a small third world country. But I didn't think my fellow Filipinos in the homeland needed my wool Michael Kors pants.

So what else came out of my closets?


And then the next morning, I went through what was left in my closets and filled four more boxes.

Now this is what's left.

...along with only one filled closet.

I know it sounds pretentious (and overly indulgent), but living out of three closets is mentally draining. I had to sneak around to grab a skirt or dress because my wardrobe was spread throughout the house, a house that is still occupied by both me and Dad2Amara. Then when I reached the closet I need, all I would see was clutter.

I needed space. I needed order. I needed a less demanding life closet.

It feels fantastic to have less in the house. And I've made new friends - the local Goodwill knows me by name now.

So what's next? Home accessories and furnishings.

I'm getting rid of a lot right now. And it feels awesome. Here's to starting fresh.


  1. Want to come over to my house and do me next?

  2. fresh, fresh and fresh!

    You sure as hell did one closet purge, that's for sure! I have one closet I'll be going through this week to freshen mine up too.

    out with the old, in with the new.

  3. That's what I did this weekend too. I love myself a purge. Happy fall :)

  4. Should you feel the need again soon to buy MORE clothing (don't deny it...you know you thought about it a few times while cleaning closets out)...i know someone that is fun to shop with :) (wink wink)

  5. Wait - did you get rid of all those great hangers too????

    I hate doing the closet purge but I really need to - and soon.

  6. Clear closet, clear mind and heart I always say! :) Same goes for my desk or kitchen counter. Good for you!


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