color me pink

I never shy away from color. I think color goes hand in hand with my loud boisterous personality. Plus there are times I can be a girly-girl.

But the most I have been able to get away with in my previous homes were red walls beneath a chair rail. Call it compromise.

Until now.

Starting over has helped me reclaim my life and create a stable one for Amara. But as the dust settles, I realized I need to reclaim my space too.

I now have a sanctuary just for me. I can retreat to my bedroom to cry, laugh, and think. And I can sleep (a BIG deal after the last year).

Moving gave me a clean slate and my bedroom is just that - mine. New bed. New furniture. Photos that have come out of hiding and are now displayed proudly.

But allow me to remind you that I am an arts and crafts failure. So DIY projects tend to fall under that category too.

But my headboard...been in my family since I was a toddler. My dresser? Reclaimed. My bedside table? Second hand and painted bright yellow to match my sunny disposition.

And the accent wall - I did that. With inspiration from Pinterest and dummy proof directions from Ariel at Offbeat Home, I chevron'd my pretty little pink heart out.

No math was needed for this project. All I needed were chalk, a 12x12 foam board, the lid to one of my boot boxes and paint.

I traced out a grid, outlining the foam board over and over. Then I used the shoe box top as a straight edge to connect corner to corner. (Here's a tip: use only light colored chalk. I could wash the yellow, orange and light green right off. But remnants of purple and blue lines remained, leading me to buy while paint for touch up.) Next was taping off my lines.

Is it perfect? No. But what is perfect in this little world of ours? And there's no one to scold my crooked lines and horrible corners Yet add my new bedding and I think my room screams "Monina!"

If I can't make my home 300 miles west just yet, I'm going to make the most of my cozy new home! Project Bedroom complete. Project Dining Room is next!


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