The Weekend The King Told Me A Little Less Conversation

I haven't had a whirlwind 72 hours like this in a long time. Little less conversation and lot more action.

And you know what? It felt great.

Not only did I see the King at the sixth annual Rolling on the River,

check out the chest hair
but my girlfriends and I were able to paint the town red all while helping the Hunger Network.

photo courtesy of SmittenInCle
But there was little time this weekend for all fun and games.

Why more action than conversation (and wine) this weekend? You haven't really lived until you have driven a U-Haul truck. I haven't not used movers since college. Two days and every box is unpacked. I even impress myself sometimes.

just need a few more things to make it home
Of course, I needed to have all the necessities.

Starting new means you can create your own rules. So Amara and I have come up with our Ten Rules of the House. So cue Bon Jovi. It's our life, and Amara and I can define it any way we want.
  1. Be kind and considerate
  2. Never jump on Mom's bed
  3. Wear something sparkly every Friday
  4. Keep the TVs volume low (especially when Amara's sleeping)
  5. Kiss Mom every night
  6. Put your dishes in the dishwasher
  7. Always have ice cream in the freezer
  8. Amara is the ruler of the house
  9. No yelling
  10. Watch TV for only one hour a day during the week
Talking with Amara last night was my longest conversation of the weekend. Less conversation, and a little more action. I loved it.

So here's to a new week, a new home and a new life filled with more conversation and more action. Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. So happy for you and this new beginning. And even more grateful to call you one of my very closest friends. #sameperson

  2. YAY!!! You've finally moved out and onto a fresh start. That, combined with your excellent house rules, made my morning brighter. And your Amara is just a doll. Love her!

  3. What a wonderful weekend!! I'm beyond thrilled for you and your new start.(and rule #3) Get it girl.

  4. Why not fur Fridays?!

    Congrats to all your new beginnings- you deserve it all!

  5. Love the rules! Cheers to your new start!

  6. Thanks everyone. So happy today.

    And Allison, faux fur is for every day!


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