Darth Vader totally screams Christmas, no?

My family is known to have some quirky holiday traditions. And in the spirit of the new Family2Amara, Amara and I are creating new traditions of our own.

I mean, a waterpark Thanksgiving is completely normal, right? (And no, I did not have turkey and stuffing. Prime rib all. the. way. Thanks, Great Wolf Lodge.)

But what I most look forward to year after year is dressing up our home, with a smooth transition from neutrals and orange to hues of red and green.

I love Christmas so much that there were surprisingly few moments of sadness and loneliness associated with our tree trimming. Decorating brought smiles and laughter. Amara carefully strung popcorn to create wonderful garlands that smell delightful each time we walk into the family room. We trimmed our tree with ornaments handmade with love by Amara throughout the years (plus one or two to remind me of my favorite spots.)

yes, we have presents under the tree already
Each time I glance at our tree, I'm reminded of fond memories of what seems like times long, long ago.

But I did not want to focus on what is different. I knew I needed to accentuate the positive and lean on traditions, pre- and post-divorce. So I did what any respectable parent would do...I tossed on a favorite timeless flick.

Not only did Amara get to experience a Hollywood classic for the very first time, but she was able to grasp the genealogy of the Skywalker family tree.  Oh yes, we plan on this being a new family tradition as we trim the tree.

That's when it hit me. Everything feels so comfortable. This is genuinely "me." The fine china. The perfectly coordinated ornaments, garlands and lights. The piles of presents...it wasn't me. I didn't need the white picket fence. I hated living in Stepford.

But Mickey ears, foam polar bears and mismatching stockings...that's me. Fresh garland hanging from the front door with cutout felt snowflakes...that's me.


This door would never have welcomed you into House2Amara. Little things like this are taking time for me to become accustomed. But I know this: I love being the Rebel Spy on Star Tours. I enjoy musical theatre. I buy organic milk. I now have this amazing opportunity to reclaim parts of my life that were lost. I'm rediscovering who I was before marriage, who I am today. And that's a fantastic Christmas present if you ask me.


  1. Good for you!! I went through very much the same thing after my divorce. There were things about me that I was suppressing without even realizing it. Having that time on my own to rediscover myself made me so much stronger that I ever was. Every year I still put up the Christmas tree that I bought for myself, along with all its matching gold and white trimmings that I spent more than I should have on. I'm happily married with a family now, but that tree is still exclusively mine. No one helps me with it and I put it in a place in the house that is mine. It is a reminder to be myself and not get lost again.

    1. I love this D! You have been such a source of support for me and Amara. Thank you!


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