Friday, November 30, 2012

Well Played Mayans, Well Played

Clevelanders may remember when 107.9 FM transitioned into an alternative rock station and played R.E.M. for 24 hours straight. I literally sat on my bed and counted down the minutes until the end of the world. I so did not feel fine.

I've admittedly said "screw you, world," and lived under a rock the last few months, so I had no idea about the doomsday prophecy surrounding December 21.

Oh Mayans, thank you for giving me a reason to party like it's 1999.

I realize if the world ends as predicted, my bucket list as it stands is not that fabulous. And even if it were, many of the activities would be difficult to achieve in three weeks. I mean, my passport isn't travel ready to hit Australia. And unless an immaculate conception occurred (thus explaining my recent weight gain), Amara will remain an only child.

So I've made revisions and some edits and viola - here is the Cleveland edition of my bucket list. Snicker all you want, but you seriously can live life to the fullest in CLE.

My home ec-less existence has always created this deep desire to take cooking classes. But why cook when the end is so near? I want to be served the meal of a lifetime, prepared by Northeast Ohio's culinary geniuses. Wild mushroom and Ohio City pasta gnocchi, tots and cornbread from Hodge's Cleveland to start. Devils on Horseback, crispy chicken wings confit, and animal style frites from Chef Sawyer at The Greenhouse Tavern would be up next. (I'd likely toss in a Smartee cocktail for good measure.) Mack and cheese from Washington Place Bistro is a must. Then I would order Zack's signature chicken at Table 45 before having dozens of macaroons created by Brit at Coquette Patisserie. Only then do I think I would be satisfied.

With only a few days remaining, I want to live a life of that includes Table Thai and chemical peels. So I'd max out the credit card and take refuge at Walden Inn and Spa. I could get used to massages, facials, and pedicures.

After the lap of relaxation and luxury of Walden, I'd taken in a performance of the Cleveland Orchestra. I appreciate the arts of Northeast Ohio so much. But because of the Mayans, I believe after the concert, I would streak on the Severance Hall stage prior to the encore. I have to run off all of that delicious food I inhaled, right?

And why not live life on the wild side while I'm at it. I'd drive west out to Cedar Point to ride all 16 roller coasters...including Jr. Gemini and Top Thrill Dragster (which I have not yet had the pleasure to try).

Since heights are obviously not an issue, I would want to roll snowballs from the roof of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Why not, right?

So how will you be spending the last few days of 2012? Let me know!

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  1. I VIVIDLY remember that day when the radio station changed over. I sat in the choir room with my friends (Jenny Ciganko, Robbie Sapp and Mark Sumerak) during lunch and we listened to it play, and then I listened to it a bunch more that night. I don't know why that stuck with me so!

    Great post - I'll have to refer back for my next trip!


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