Monday, November 5, 2012

what two things do you need?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you need? Really truly need and not simply want?

Lately that's all I've been thinking about, perhaps not only because of my new "status" but also my new financial reality.

Gone are the days of dining out every other night. No longer am I buying to die for purses. I'm paying for dance classes. I'm buying vegetables (ok this has nothing todo with my budget but a good lifestyle change, no?).

If I had to narrow it down to simply two things, I would have to say my daughter and my ABC's.

Amara? Rather self explanatory. I know the job I do best is being Mom2Amara. She's my everything. When the world isn't revolving around me, it's attending to her.

But my elementary alphabet? In so many deeply wonderful ways, I have rediscovered new obsessions and past loves, and all can be stripped down to what we were taught preschool.

Remember my Pinterest inspired bedroom? In an attempt to decorate my new place as economical as possible, I turned to the social platform for ideas. And I've fallen in love with letter-inspired projects.

As a child, I remember spending hours upon hours in the basement of our local library, devouring over any book I could. I now watch as Amara does the same thing. And I wondered why my love for reading vanished.

And as I continue to evaluate my relationships, I find myself writing more. Blogging. Journaling. Sending a note in the mail (we all know my addiction to stationery thanks to a cool college job). Something about writing puts me at ease. And I enjoy it.

So I've employed my ABC's in these ways too. I allow the letters inspire me.

What about you? What two things do you need for a good life?


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