Sunday, November 18, 2012

when size matters

Don't believe the hype. I've always believed size does matter.

That's why I am not a warehouse club type of girl.

One, it's a warehouse. Usually it's dark, and I feel like everything has the potential of being dusty. And did I mention it's a warehouse?

Two, I have just over 800 square feet of living space. I don't have room (or the need) for 300 rolls of toilet paper and five pounds of beef.

So I was skeptical about an invitation I received from BJ's Wholesale Club to preview holiday gift and entertaining ideas. As the next few weeks fill up with party after party and errands galore, BJ's wants to be the one-stop shop for gifts, food and everything in between.

So let's go over what surprised me most.
  • The store offered a ton of toys that are already on Amara and my niece's and nephews' wish lists.

  • There was a lot of alcohol. A lot. Huge selection.

  • There were tons of afforable stocking stuffers, teachers' gifts and hostess gifts. (And yes, I realize the two photos here are again "spirited" but there are other ideas such as chocolates wrapped with jingle bells and hot cocoa in adorable mugs.)

    I seriously love the festive wine bottle sweaters!

But here's what I also learned.
  • The baked goods and desserts are tasty. Who could resist cheesecake and brownies? But I wouldn't buy hors d'oeuvres or entrees from a wholesale club. Call me a food snob.  But for a dinner party or get together, I'm making my own or having it catered. The concept of frozen to table doesn't resonate well with me. I was able to taste among several items quiche and an antipasto platter. While BJ's offers a variety of organic and natural food choices, the quiche and platter just downright tasted processed. 
  • I love the holiday gift wrap options BJ's has. Colorful. Sparkly. But let's be honest. Unless I plan to wrap my gifts the same way for the next four years, I have to resist the urge to purchase. I have no use (or storage) for yards upon yards of paper and gift cards. It's not practical for this divorced Mom of one.
    I'll definitely take advantage of BJ's 60-day free membership trial to cross off a few gifts on my Christmas list. For several reasons I think it'll be worth it. But for me, I'll stick to presents and bypass the food aisles.

    Disclosure: I was provided a gift card and various products by BJ's Wholesale Club to attend its blogger event. As always, opinions are my own.

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    1. I used to have a membership. The BJ's here in Akron has a gas station and their gas is generally a fair bit less than other places, including Sam's Club. But I moved to the other side of town and it wasn't as convenient to go there, especially just for gas. If I still lived over there I'd probably still go though. I agree, they have some good stuff at good prices.


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