thank God for Britney Spears

Three years ago, I literally thanked God for Brit Brit.

I had forgotten all about it until I reread a blog post written by my friend and former co-worker, Danielle. She always appreciated my snarkiness.

The post also reminded me how much I take life for granted, my friends for granted.

My heart fell heavy when I found out Dani was killed in a one car accident Sunday. And I was overcome with sadness, knowing she died alone. Guilt filled my heart knowing I don't tell friends how much I love them. They don't hear it enough.

I met Danielle 14 years ago. She partied at my wedding, was a guest at my baby shower, hung out with me in the Dawg Pound, and stood beside me as Bono sang to "us" from eight rows away. Just this past summer we saw Rascal Flatts. Guess it shouldn't surprise me she related to my musical Britney Spears moment.

Dani's last gift to me was a necklace worn by her Mom. Such an amazing gift from an amazing person. Love her or hate her, Dani was Dani. And this generous present means even more now than it did just a short time ago.

Dani has joined the choir of angels, undoubtedly welcomed by her Mom and her dog. While many will miss her infectious smile (and perhaps miss less her blunt ways), I know she's happy to be home.