she's destined to be a star

Just like her Mommy, Amara is into social media. The girl would be on Facebook and Twitter if she could. I did allow her to join Instagram. It's a private account, and she loves snapping pics and sharing them with friends.

I recently learned Amara's using IG for more than just photos. Hearing that freaked me out. I don't want to open her up to any risks. Bullies. Predators. Her brain becoming mush like her community manager-mom.

But as usual, I didn't have much to worry about. Amara is loving the quotable nature of the platform.

The first photo is the beginning of a quote from mega country artist, Taylor Swift.
I am an overachiever, and I want to be known for the good things in my life.
The second half of the shot shows that I obviously allow her to watch too much television. But hey, at least she's well rounded in her show selection.

But what I am most impressed by looking through her Instagram stream is not her photography skills, but her ability to connect her most personal experiences with inspirational quotes...even at age nine. And by creating her own meme's, she's engaging an audience - that's my girl, perpetually wanting to include everyone.

Already recognizing herself as an overachiever? Knowing she should be on television? Amara is going to be someone. Destined to be a star. And hopefully she'll remember all of these wise words.

I know I have found a few that have helped me. This is one of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite saying that gets your through your day? What brings out your inner rock star?


  1. I am also a fan of Once Upon a Time. Watch party at your place!

  2. Of course she's destined to be a star! She has one for a mom, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm a fan - of you both! <3

  3. Hi there! Just hopped over to your blog and had to say hi. I'm a mommy blogger from Cleveland as well!


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