In Like A Lamb

Whoa. Where did the last month go?

No need to send out the National Guard. I am ok. Amara’s ok.

I worked on my tan, with my boss’ and the Mouse’s permission.

Disney's Yacht Club
I saw my future husband in concert. And I did so with two awesome friends.

Maroon 5 in Columbus, Ohio
I Jump[ed] Back.

Jump Back Ball, Playhouse Square
But most importantly, I had my most defining post-divorce moment.

I began dating.

I’m not talking oh-hi-we’re-friends-so-let’s-hang but hey-you’re-cute-want-to-go-out  dating. This was HUGE. And I relished every minute.

It’s quite humorous if you think about it. The last time I went on a true date, Celine Dion said her heart would go on, and girls were hoping one of the ‘N Sync boys would direct “I Want You Back” to them. It’s been that long.

But I hate calling what I’m doing now “dating.” Trust me, I’m in no rush to jump into a relationship. I love being single. But I miss the excitement of being with a good man. I want to know there’s someone who shares the same interests and wants to experience life with me.

So I guess what I’m doing is… meeting new friends.

February was crazy fun. And it seems March is coming in as a lamb. But the way things are moving, it may go out like a lion. And I’m looking forward to more defining moments.