the glamorous world of a newly single mom

Helloooooo spring break! If you know me, you know I a-d-o-r-e Amara. Freaking love that kid .But I'm a single Mom now. So it's kinda fabulous to have her out of the house for some scheduled time off.

I haven't seen Amara in over a week. I love cuddling on the sofa with her and eating ice cream straight from the pint. We enjoy the same television shows and have dance parties in our pj's. But there's always constant noise. And she needs money. Or a ride somewhere.

So what's a single mom to do? Unadulterated time to myself? Fly to NYC? Dine at five star restaurants? Drink my favorite wines?


Bake double chocolate mocha muffins of course!

Ok, not really. That didn't even happen. I just ripped the recipe from the pages of my Coastal Living magazine while I lounging in yoga pants in my living room.

I painted my toe nails, again in said living room.

I drank beer in the middle of nowhere (reminding myself I am not an IPA fan).

I tweeted some friends. And yes, this flipping made. my. week.

photo - @moninaw

And by the time all the excitement wound down, Amara finally found time to FaceTime with her dear ol' Mom.

It's easy to be swayed into wishing life can be this way or that way. But I forgot a necessary component in making my dreams a reality - a millionaire boyfriend. Because in reality, there's not enough food in the fridge, not enough cash in the bank, and no little luxuries like haircuts and pedicures.

These days, if I don't laugh, I'll cry.

So laugh with me at my not-so-glamorous world. Because it is my world. And beer (and wine) is way cheaper and way more fun than tears anyway.


  1. I know what you mean about the laughter. Hang in there - here's hoping you find that millionare boyfriend. :-)


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