I finally figured out this Mother's Day thing

How was your weekend? Mine, was fantastic. But it was just that... a "weekend."

I spent 48 hours in yoga pants and running shoes, all sans makeup. Amara and I adopted a new family member. We hit the nature center. She and I ate take out. Then she spent some time with Dad2Amara's family.

Yep, it was a typical weekend. And it was great.

I've thought back on past Mother's Days, and since Lola2Amara's death, they have been relatively simple. I'm not a fan of buffets so eating out on this holiday tends to be a nightmare. We no longer had to determine which mom deserved to be honored on which year at what time. And I realized I didn't have to be the center of attention <gasp>.


Amara is eager to affirm her unconditional love. She wants to prove she can take care of me just like I (try to) take care of her.

So I was served breakfast in bed on the sofa, complete with a homemade card complete with Amara coupons, a Carrie Burrows protein shake, and the New York Times on my iPad.

Amara made my bed. Then it was off to the Metroparks for a chilly May walk.

Then it was just me and Dog2Amara as Amara went to spend time with her other family. All in a weekend's work.

But really, that's the true meaning of Mother's Day, right? Spending time with my daughter, the one person I love more than life itself?

I lamented to my best friend last week how I was not going to receive a "present" from Amara this year and was deeply hurt by that. Deeply hurt. What?  Look at that smile? How could I not listen to my BFF? How did I forget that Mother's Day is just another Sunday. It was about me and Amara. And if I had to celebrate with a bouquet of flowers instead of having Amara at my side, I'd be lost.

So I think I've finally figured out this Mother's Day thing. You can keep your Hallmark cards and nicely wrapped gifts. Amara, be warned, you'll be making my bed more often. From now on, I think every Sunday is going to be Mother's Day.


  1. My favourite (Canadian spelling) is getting homemade cards - they mean so much more!! Great blog post my friend (as always!) So glad you are on the protein shake wagon...it's only taken me 2 years to get you onboard-lol


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