you can have Chicago

The weather is getting warmer, and that often means trips to the local amusement park. But for me, the roller coaster hasn't stop. It's been a nonstop ride going 85 mph and topsy turvy at times.

But if there's one thing divorce has brought me is a desire for a fresh start.

I'm ready to tackle a healthier lifestyle (Bye bye coffee. Adios gluten.).

I've done a friend "purge" on Facebook and in real life.

And some days, I just want to start designing change-of-address cards.

Think about it. Everyone seems to have this bias against solitude. But if Staples can have an easy button, why can't I have a reset button?

My closest thing to an easy button is Foster, my car. He takes me to a rock under which I always know I can run to and hide. Here's photographic proof the trip is really only four and a half hours long for all you doubters - Route 611 exit to the Museum Campus.

Last week I spent four glorious days in Chicago.

Hanging with my BFF and the woman I would totally be besties with if she'd let me. Catching up with friends. Yes that is all a huge part of why I heart this city.

But I spent most of this long weekend alone. There's something so comforting about walking city streets, riding the train and having no one know your name. That anonymity allows me to clear out all of those distractions - even in a bustling city.

And I was able to reflect and just be.

But I realized I don't need Chicago. Don't get me wrong. I love the Windy City. It feels like home. But right now, I'll settle for any new scenery. Maybe the beach. Or the mountains. I know too many people in Cleveland. Too many memories in Chicago. My heart has been shattered into a million pieces and scattered throughout the Midwest.

So you can have Chicago. Cleveland too. And if you have suggestions as to where I might want to land, let me know.