Gone Walkin' (The Dog)

I've been MIA again. I know. But the past six weeks have brought about a lot of changes. I no longer eat gluten. Or red meat. Or dairy. Or drink coffee.

Oh and did I mention we got a dog?

Meet Trixie.

What follows is a post that was originally published on Patch.com. I am including it here in case it disappears online.

I have a confession to make: I hate people. 

At least that's what I hear myself saying about a gazillion times a day.

Someone might be taking too long in the express line at the grocery store. Or maybe someone is acting just a bit too self centered for my tastes. Or how about that guy who is tailgating me during rush hour because you know he's going to end up oh-so-much further than you in bumper-to-bumper traffic, right? 

But some days, there are little things that make me smile. And other days, there are simple acts that are a catalyst for fostering passion. 

A true animal lover, my daughter participates in a yearly fundraiser for the Cleveland Animal Protective League. We always take time, after dropping off her donations, to visit with the animals available for adoption. And each visit, my daughter wants to take home every single one. Being a single mom means being on a budget, so providing a forever home to one of them never crossed my mind. 

But there was something special about Trixie. And my daughter really talks a good game. But this isn't about her passion. 

While finalizing the adoption, I grabbed my checkbook from my purse and was told something so surprising that I asked it to be repeated again. 

Trixie's adoption fees had been sponsored by an anonymous donor.
Word has it there is a kind woman that visits every month and identifies the dog that has been at the shelter the longest. She then pays for that dog's adoption - her way of thanking the new owner. 

What an absolutely amazing woman. What passion. 

This stranger has catapulted me into a whole new world and doesn't even know it. I'm a dog owner again, after vowing no more. I smile more because I wake up to dog kisses. And the one person I really really hated...I made peace with this weekend. At least I made peace with myself. 

I thank Trixie and the anonymous woman at the APL for all of it. 

I read somewhere that your passion isn't something you do, it's crafting an experience for another human being. That's what this stranger did. And now I'm determined to do the same for someone else. I hope you will too.


  1. Welcome Trixie! I have struggled with maintaining a diet without gluten. It is the best for me since I have RA and fibro. I am alot better with avoiding red meat and dairy - coffee not so much.


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