keep the change

Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation.

1,000 posts and seven years ago, Being Mom2Amara was born.

Both equally significant, no?

Being Mom2Amara @MoninaW

I have been quiet on the blogging front lately. And it's not that I have nothing to share or contribute. I'm still learning to find where my voice fits. Yes, after seven years, I'm still searching.

Blogging is soul-bearing, allowing yourself to be judged and criticized for every single syllable. I have lost family members because of my posts. I'm sure I have upset friends. I still struggle over whether to hit "publish" or to sit silently and stew.

But I have also celebrated amazing milestones and continued to foster my love for writing. Blogging is therapeutic for me. I blog for me.

My college roommate and I would always joke when we would have pizza delivered to our apartment. If she ordered, I would hand over my cash and tell her to "keep the change." Her reply would range from, "change is inevitable," to "change comes from within."

This 1,000-post journey has seen many changes. Yet glance at my very first post, and you may notice how not much has changed. I am the same Mom2Amara - snarky, passionate and generous. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs, "KEEP THE CHANGE!"

No, I don't want to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. But right now, things still aren't...happy. If I don't stay true to who I am, I'm not going to be happy. So as of today, I'm saying f-it to some of the change, and going back to what I know.
  1. Pretend that I'm a runner. Color Me Rad 5k. Chicago Women Rock 10k. Rock n Roll Half. I must be crazy.
  2. Nix red meat. I gave it up in college and started eating it again when I got married. I gave it up again six weeks ago and haven't regretted it yet.
  3. Blog once a week. Writing makes my heart smile. 
Three simple things to get me going. Some changes can't be helped. But others, you can keep. I'm going to stay true to who I am.


  1. Your sweet Amara is beautiful!

    congrats on 1,000 posts AND seven years!



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