Morey's Piers & Beachfront Waterparks Review

If the summer months have kept you living under a rock, or if you have lost your sense of hearing and couldn't hear me screaming, you may not know that Amara and I have just gotten back from my annual trip to the Shore.

My Mom would plan every minute of our family trips growing up. From sunrise to sunset, she had a complete itinerary scheduled. It was pretty rough, especially when we fell behind. So when Amara agreed to join me on this vacation, I was confident my laid back vacation style would gel just fine with her.

My plan was fine. Until our visit to Morey's Piers & Beachfront Waterparks.

I really was hesitant to spend time on rides and to visit a waterpark. After all, we're at a beach. Why would we "waste" time outside of the sun and surf?

But then I was reminded why we chose to stay in Wildwood. Year after year, its infamous Boardwalk is named among the best of the Jersey Shore. And I have no doubt it defends its title with the help of Morey's. We were offered a one-day Ride & Waterpark Combination Pass, and Amara and I were excited to take in all Morey's had to offer.

But that's just it. There was too much to do in just one day! Morey's has upped the ante when it comes to Boardwalk fun. Even if a family decides not to purchase a Ride Pass, good ol' fashioned "tickets" are available so the fun can continue all week (or summer) long.

Think classic ocean side amusement park. That's Morey's Piers. Boardwalk fare like funnel cake, corndogs and freshly squeezed lemonade. They have more than 100 rides right on the sandy shores of the Atlantic - from your timeless carousel to the thrilling Great Nor'Easter (Amara's favorite). They also have an amazing 150-foot tall Ferris Wheel.

You haven't forgotten about the waterparks have you?

We could have spent an entire day at each waterparks alone had I planned for it. The views from the slides are breathtaking. The lines move quickly. The parks are clean. And I can lay out while Amara is running around in the parks!

Did I say lay out? Oh yes, I did. We love Raging Waters, but Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club stole our hearts. And I'm not just saying that because there is an adult swim up bar with live music (the day we were there a Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz-esque artist was performing). But that didn't hurt.  There are 50-foot slides where you could races your friends (Amara always gets a head start on slides so she always wins.) and the Cliff Dive, where park goers drop five stories in three seconds (Yea, Amara has zero fear.).

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about our day - at least from my perspective and outside of the great purse debate - was finding quality dining. Fortunately there are sit down dining options on the Boardwalk thanks to Morey's. However, they come with a price tag, and as you might suspect, the food won't be rated five-star any time soon.

I'm not a food snob. Good food can come from a fabulous diner or coffee shop or an exquisite restaurant. But with tip, over $50 for an app, two sandwiches and a couple of drinks? Wow. I expect to pay a premium being inside an amusement park in a high tourist area. But for this price, Amara and I ate a delicious seafood lunch on two separate occasions along Cape May Harbor at a widely known and often touristy destination. While I wish I could live on soft pretzels and hot dogs all week, sometimes a girl needs real food.

I was pleasantly surprised by our experience at Morey's Piers, and I know Amara is already planning our next visit there when we return to the Jersey Shore. Being just over an hour drive from Philadelphia, two from New York City and Washington D.C., how can anyone say no to good ol' fashioned family fun?

Disclosure: Morey's Piers provided me two one-day Ride & Waterpark Combination Passes to review its parks. I was not given any guidelines nor instructed on what to write. Because we all know, I always have an opinion and I rarely keep it to myself.