Thursday, August 22, 2013

oceanside fun on the Jersey Shore

Hard to believe we've been back from the Shore nearly two weeks now. But gauging by Amara's photo, seems like...

...she has this Shore thing down!


What did you do today? (8/13/13)
Shopped. You knew I'd eventually get my way! Severe storms were forecasted for the area, so we decided to make the best of the overcast skies and head back south to Cape May to shop. We were able to visit all of my favorite shops and boutiques, including A Whale's Tale and Fralinger's. Amara also added another CM sweatshirt to her collection.

Did you learn anything new?
Wind and sand do not mix. The storms passed over southern Jersey so we hit the beach in the afternoon. One, I learned I need a cabana boy to take care of my beach umbrella. I have the hardest thing setting it up, then add the wind and it's game over. Two, if I lay out, sand ends up everywhere - in my ears, all over my was a mess. Yet notice, it did not stop me from sunbathing.

What's one "must-do" for anyone that visits?
It's no secret, I love local eats. And we stumbled on Marvis' Diner and as soon as I get home, I feel like I will be recreating my breakfast from here. Nutella and Banana Stuffed French me, it's as mouthwatering in person as it sounds. The diner is low-key and all 1950's. Totally cute and adorable.

Is there anything you wish you could have done?
I needed a real meal. I don't mind indulging in Boardwalk food, but I need something substantial at least once a day. I'm finding it difficult to find quality sit down dining in Wildwood.

Have more to say? 
When we arrived in Wildwood over the weekend, the Boardwalk was packed. Swarms of people took over every inch of the Boardwalk. But for the last two nights, the parking lots have been near empty and lines have been virtually non-existent at restaurants and attractions. Is Wildwood that much of a "tourist" town, attracting Shoobies only on weekends? Even the beach - in all its massiveness - seemed lonely. I travel the same week every August and expected crowds. Is this a Wildwood thing?  

What did you do today? (8/13/13)
We shopped
in Cape
May  and looked through the Fralinger's
fudge shop.

Did you learn anything new?
When the radar in New Jersey says it is going to rain, it lies. Mom said we were going to shop because it was going to rain but the radar lied the next day!

What's one "must-do" for anyone that visits?
Go to Marvis' Diner and eat pancakes. If you go, get M&M pancakes! They are delicious and super tasty. It is a 50's diner and is full out 50's.

Is there anything you wish you could have done?
I wish we could have taken Trixie to the boardwalk. They didn't allow dogs! Ugh!! She would have had so much fun!                                                

Have more to say? 
Sorry, but I don't .


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