taking a twication

Last time I hit the Shore, I said I was gonna leave everything behind, clear my head and simply relax.

Instead, I found myself every morning out on the balcony, coffee in hand, with my phone, laptop and iPad - checking work email and "keeping up" with current news and social media.

Admit it, you do it. You check Facebook while you're standing in line at the amusement park. Before heading to bed you take a peek at your inbox. And I know one or two people who Instagram pics of their toes at the pool. (Yes, I'm guilty of this too.)

So I'm doing something completely different this vacation. I'm unplugging. I'm taking a twication.

This may be one of the more difficult challenges I have embarked upon. No Facebook or Google+, I can handle. And there's always #latergram. Sure, this hurts my chances for mayorship anywhere in Wildwood but I'll get over it. But not tweeting for a week? Whoa.

So to insure I stick with my plan, I have a few ground rules:
  • The iPhone will remain in my hotel room. Need to take a picture? I'm bringing a good old fashioned camera with me to the boardwalk. And we'll have Amara's Touch (totally not cheating, right?)
  • Turn off my notifications. I can't control myself when I see there are unread emails or Facebook comments unchecked. But I can control myself if I pretend they don't exist.
  • Text messages can be checked twice a day - once at lunch and again at the end of the day. That's it.
  • Bring lots of books and magazines. If I have reading material, I won't be tempted to check social media, right?
Have you ever taken a tech hiatus? How were you able to survive?


  1. You can totally do it - after a day or two, it will almost be natural.


  2. I don't know if that can ever feel right! Plus I'd miss you too much :)


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